Training on IPL machines

Hands – on Training on IPL machines

At IPL Machines Melbourne our business vision and goal is to achieve benchmarks of excellence in customer service. This is the primary reason why we go out of our way to deliver a highly optimised pre-sales and post-sales experience to buyers of our state of the art laser and IPL machines for the beauty care sector.

We understand that most first time clients and even those updating our already installed machinery often find it difficult to come to terms with the complexities of devices bought from us. Hence, as a part of our post-sales service we offer training programmes tailor made to match the skills required to handle the equipment purchased.

The advantage that you as a salon owner get from our training is that you or your staff who will be handling the device will not have to spend many days getting acclimatised with the operational aspects of the machine post installation. Additionally, after you complete the programme, we will issue a Certificate of competence to all participants. This becomes crucial when a client wants to know about the aptitude of your staff to operate the equipment. It is natural as wrong handling of the machines might lead to serious safety issues including scarring, burning of the skin and pigmentation. However, this possibility is eliminated once you and your staff go through our induction programme.

The course is usually spread out over two to three days depending on the complexities of the device purchased from us. These are full day programmes running from Mondays through Fridays. For personalised attention, the number of trainees is limited to about 6 per class. There are both theoretical and practical sessions with the latter conducted on a demo machine matching that bought by you. Hence, soon after the course you can start offering services to clients on the newly installed equipment.

The training modules and course materials are so structured that they offer comprehensive knowledge and skill sets to the participants. This includes –

  • Basic introduction to the functional aspects of laser and IPL machines
  • The settings for different skin and hair types and how treatment times and methods depend on these factors.
  • Points for pre-treatment consultation as these are of great importance from the point of view of safety. Further, the success of treatments at your clinic largely depends on your analysis and understanding of the skin and hair types and precise settings needed on the device to optimise treatments in each case.
  • Crucial safety issues relating to precautions that need to be taken pre and post treatments and tips on imparting effective and safe procedures and patch test protocols and contraindications..
  • Treatments that is specific to certain devices only. For example, some advanced IPL and laser machines apart from the basic hair removal and skin rejuvenation procedures also offer processes for elimination of facial threats such as veins and acne scars. These elements are especially taken up in the training programmes.

The theoretical knowledge that you gain from one such programme will apply to all IPL and laser based devices that you may install in future in your beauty salon and spa. The thorough training that we impart after purchase of equipment from IPL Machines Melbourne is an integral part of our optimised customer service.