Uni Tattoo Removal

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Uni Tatt – Hi-Tech Tattoo Removal Device

Tattoo removal today is no longer a long drawn process that requires painful skin grafting and surgical interventions. Specialised laser and IPL based machines are making the whole process easier, faster and effective and most importantly has helped drastically cut down pain and discomfort levels in tattoo removal.

Consider Uni Tatt tattoo removal machines brought to you by IPL Machines Mmelbourne. All these issues have been taken out of treatments with our equipment which harnesses the power of Q-switch YAG laser. It ensures that any tattoo regardless of the colour of the ink – even stubborn green, blue and fluorescent – or size or ink density will fade away after a few sessions. This is what makes Uni Tatt a machine in a class of its own and far above what our competitors have to offer.

The process of tattoo removal by Uni Tatt may be simple but requires the use of precise and high tech equipment. Beams of focussed laser beams targeted at the tattoo enters the epidermis and pulses at nanoseconds. This breaks up the ink into tiny fragments which are then disposed off by the body’s own systems. The device ensures that the tattoo only is affected and the surrounding skin area is left untouched. Effects of tattoo removal with Uni Tatt are noticeable within a few sessions and thereafter fully eliminated.

The range of applications of Uni Tatt goes beyond simple tattoo removal. It is also useful in removing other epidermal pigmentation such as eyeliner and eyebrows considered to be a part of permanent makeup. Dermal pigmentation like acne scars, birthmarks and coffee spots can also be eliminated with this device.

Some of the advanced features of Uni Tatt are –

  • In-built safety measures that block overheating and the possibility of shorting during treatments. Hence greater client safety.
  • Is useful in treating a number of skin ailments. Effective in varied skin rejuvenation procedures
  • Advanced technologies that facilitate quick and flexible treatments with visible results
  • All types of tattoos and ink colour can be removed.

Uni Tatt is imported and distributed in Australia by IPL Machines Melbourne. These devices are sourced by us from leading manufacturers around the world and hence are high on performance and safety.