Uni Tattoo Removal Pro

Advanced Tattoo Removal Machine

Uni Tatt Pro – Advanced Tattoo Removal Machine

Not so long ago, tattoos were considered to be indelible marks of ink on the body that were meant to last a lifetime. Those who wanted them removed had to go through long drawn out and extremely painful procedures that included surgical interventions, skin grafts and use of infra-red lasers for treatments and removals.

All these are a thing of the past now. We at IPL Machines Melbourne bring you Uni Tatt Pro tattoo removal machines based on advanced IPL and laser technologies that remove tattoos quickly and effectively and in a relatively painless manner.

How do such devices work? Intense laser beams are directed at the tattoo. These travel below the epidermis of the skin and break up the ink into tiny fragments which are then disposed off by the body’s natural processes. Any tattoo will fade away regardless of its size colour of pink and density of the pattern. These exceptional features have today made Uni Tatt Pro a leader in its class and have helped them gain a distinct edge over what our competitors have to offer.

Some of the world class features of Uni Tatt Pro are –

  • Modern laser and IPL technologies that are incorporated in the machines, making them a safe and relatively painless alternative to those offered by our competitors.
  • Results are long term and tattoos fade away after a number of sessions.
  • Stubborn colours such as green, blue and fluorescent are easily removed too apart from the common red, brown and black.
  • Safety features include protection from shortening and overheating which can adversely impact treatment processes.
  • Offers a range of applications apart from tattoo removal

Even though Uni Tatt Pro is primarily considered to be a modern tattoo removal device, it offers a host of other applications. These include but are not limited to removal and treatments of –

  • Epidermal pigmentation such as all types of tattoos and tattoo ink. It includes cosmetic tattoos also including eyeliner, eyebrows and lip liner considered to be a part of “permanent make-up
  • Dermal pigmentation such as age spots, acne scars, coffee and birth marks and Nevus of Ota
  • Skin rejuvenation treatments like microdermabrasion regardless of the skin colour and texture of the patient
  • Vascular problems such as varicose veins and capillary hemangioma

Buy a Uni Tatt Pro from IPL Machines Melbourne and get free hands-on training to acquaint yourself with its functioning.