Tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal on Hi-Tech Machines

Conventional & Cosmetic Tattoo Removal on Hi-Tech Machines

Recent innovations and developments in IPL and laser technologies have been a great boost to the beauty care industry with new machines based on them making treatments safe, painless and quicker. One of the areas that has benefitted greatly is tattoo removal which even in the recent past meant going under the surgeon’s knife for invasive surgery or skin grafting.

Today Q-Switched lasers have made life simple for those wanting to have their tattoos removed. State of the art equipment imported and distributed by IPL Machines Melbourne makes sure that any tattoo is removed painlessly within a few sessions of treatments and another tattoo can again be imprinted on that area after the skin heals.

Further, these high powered devices also make sure that tattoos regardless of the size or density of the ink or colour can all be effectively removed. Generally tattoos with blue, green and fluorescent colours are considered difficult to remove and permanent in nature. But these too are no match for tattoo removal machines from IPL Machines Melbourne. This is why our devices are considered to be the best in their class and a notch above what our competitors have to offer. Our devices are also included in the Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

Q-switched lasers emit pulses of shortwave light that enters the epidermis of the skin and targets the tattoo to be removed. The pigmented ink absorbs the light which pulses at nanoseconds and breaks up into very minute particles which are then disposed off by the body’s natural metabolism system. After a few sessions, the ink begins to fade away and is fully eliminated. Because of the short-lived pulses of high energy, the tattoo ink is only affected and the surrounding healthy skin is left untouched.

State of the art tattoo removal products from IPL Machines Melbourne has been a boon for beauty salons and spas in Australia as they can now offer optimised tattoo removal treatments to their clients. (03) 8618 6934