Genlux IPL Machines

Genlux IPL Machines

Why is it that our permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation machine Genlux is considered to be a leader in its class? This is because of the inherent advantages that it has to offer. For one, it is a small desktop version of the bigger models, yet it is not short on speed, power and operational efficiency. It is also affordable and just right for those who are starting out in this field with limited capital. Established and leading clinics also prefer Genlux because of the limited space it occupies and as a backup to bigger versions when client turnover is high, especially during festive seasons.

When you buy Genlux from IPL Machines in melbourne you are assured of a machine with world class features made from the finest components to give years of trouble free service. Additionally, Genlux offers optimised treatments irrespective of skin and hair types and colour. A wide range of settings makes it flexible for use on all patients.

skin rejuvenation machine Genlux

Genlux can be used for the following applications –

  • All types of skin rejuvenation treatments including removal of dead and aged cells from skin surface, elimination of acne scars, fine lines, freckles and wrinkles and aged skin textures
  • Vascular therapy
  • Treatment of hyper pigmentation
  • Permanent hair removal for all skin types. Number of sessions required for full treatment depends on the colour and texture of skin and hair.

Some of the state of the art features of Genlux include –

  • A high 2500w of power for quick and speedy operations, light beams at an amazing 10 shots per second.
  • Top of the line components like Japanese capacitors and German Xenon lamps that are good for 300,00 flashes, making the device low on maintenance
  • Modular design for easy handling. Placed on wheels, easy manoeuvrability
  • Very effective in treatments for both dark and light hair as well as blond hair reduction on dark skin tones. Possible due to patented SPT and FCA technologies.

What gives Genlux an extra edge is that all treatments, whether hair removal or skin rejuvenation are painless without any side effects. Contact us now for more information.