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Evolux – Safe & Painless Beauty Care

Of all permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation equipment run on IPL and laser technologies, Evolux from IPL Machines Melbourne is definite among the best. Its speed of operations and efficiency makes it the most popular machine among salon and spa owners. It is rugged, dependable and has low maintenance costs. However, what makes it stands out from the others in its class is its ability to deliver quality procedures effectively and quickly. As a salon owner you can cater to more number of patrons in a day, thereby increasing your sales and business turnover.

We at IPL Machines Melbourne import and distribute in Australia Evolux beauty care equipment sourced from leading manufacturers around the world. This is why we are able to provide extended warranty on all devices sold by us in the country. You will hardly face any problems with the Evolux machines and if in the rare instance you do, we will immediately supply a backup device to help you maintain your customer service.

These are some of the impressive features of Evolux.

  • Operates at a high 3500w ensuring quick treatments. Makes it a very powerful device with almost 1 to 10 laser shots per second
  • Flexible with settings to optimise processes on all skin types including dark and suntanned skin textures.
  • Advanced patented SPT, FCA technologies permit reduction of red and blond hair against fair skin
  • Sapphire + Air + Water + SPT cooling system cuts out any pain during treatments. Simply a mild sensation like snapping a rubber band against skin may be felt.
  • Two hand pieces are standard with all Evolux machine.
  • Made from best German and Japanese components. Xenon lights have a life span of around 300,00 flashes
  • Easy manoeuvrability within the clinic as the equipment is mounted on wheels.

You can use Evolux for a wide range of applications related to hair removal and skin care. These include but are not limited to –

  • Skin rejuvenation procedures covering elimination of age spots, wrinkles, crow’s feet and freckles
  • Reduction of acne scars and age spots
  • Treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions
  • Flexible setting options in hair removal for skin types 1-5.

Give us a call at (03) 8618 6934 and talk to our customer care executives on further details of Evolux.