IPL Machines

High Quality Better Performance IPL Machines

High Quality Better Performance IPL Machines

IPL and laser technologies have revolutionised the beauty care sector the world over. Treatments are now quick and safe with drastic reduction in procedure times. In Australia, IPL Machines Melbourne is the leading importer and distributor of such machines with patented technologies, thereby giving us a head start over what our competitors have to offer. Our devices are sourced from top manufacturers from around the world and are thus much in demand by some of the big names in this country’s salon and spa industry. Most importantly, all our devices have advanced patented technologies that make them the best in their class.

Equipment supplied by us can be used for a wide range of applications. The first is permanent hair removal. Light energy travels through the skin and targets the melanin at the hair follicles or roots and destroys growing hair cells. Our devices work just as effectively on all skin and hair types from 1 to 5. For skin rejuvenation too these are very successful in eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and acne marks and vascular and pigmented lesions. These are so accurate and precise that only the target area is treated and the surrounding skin is not affected at all.

When you buy our IPL and laser machines you are assured of the highest quality of customer service. This includes hands on practical and theoretical training on demo machines to make you fully conversant with all operational and safety aspects. Hence you do not have to attend external courses at considerable expenses to know the intricacies of the equipment you buy. This is a part of the total package that we offer our clients and an integral part of our superior post sales service.

Contact us to know more about the wide range of devices that we have on offer and choose one that exactly matches your need. From small desktop yet powerful models to large standard high performance equipment IPL Machines Melbourne has it all, one reason why we can boast of having some of the leading names in Australia’s beauty care sector as our clients.