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The beauty care sector is on a high today. Billions of dollars are being pumped in every year in research and innovations and new advanced equipment are constantly being introduced in the market. Devices that offer quick, effective and almost painless treatments have revolutionised the beauty care industry.

We at IPL Machines Melbourne are one of the leaders in this field of beauty care in Australia. The best of laser and IPL based machines are imported and distributed by us in this country and we can boast of having some of the top names in beauty salons and spas as our clients. All equipment imported by us is sourced from leading manufacturers around the world and these are made from the finest Japanese and German components. This ensures that all devices provided by us offer highly optimised and safe treatment processes.

What gives us a lead over our competitors is the range of equipment that we have on offer. For salons with limited space or just launched establishments our small yet powerful desktop models are just the right fit. For established clinics we have larger versions of 3500w output that guarantee extremely fast and safe treatments. All our models can be wheeled from room to room adding to the convenience of salon owners and comfort levels of clients.

Just consider the range of applications that our equipment can be used for –

  • Permanent hair removal – Laser and IPL based machines are top of the line technologies for permanent hair removal. They are good for any hair or skin colour and have a range of settings to match specific requirements. Our machines too are very fast – a bikini line hair removal process is done in under half an hour without the need for any downtime or recuperation period. This will enable you to serve a large number of clients in a given period, thereby increasing sales and turnover.
  • Skin rejuvenation treatments – Our machines guarantee advanced skin care treatments that are painless and effective. Acne scars, pigmentation, age spots and blackheads can be eliminated. Microdermabrasion machines gently take out dead cells from facial skin for increased production of collagen, the main element that makes for a young and fresh skin texture and looks.
  • Tattoo removal – Tattoo removal equipment supplied by us are also among the best in business. Only a few sessions is all that will be required to remove a tattoo, regardless of its size, ink colour and density. Treatments on these machines are relatively less painful than previous methods like skin grafting.

The primary vision and philosophy of IPL Machines Melbourne is to offer high standards of customer service. Pre-sales consultancy includes evaluating the needs of our clients and providing expert and professional advice on the type of equipment that will exactly meet their requirements. Post sales, we have programmes where we impart hands-on theoretical and practical training on demo equipment that prepares salon owners and their staff to expertly operate the equipment after installation. Hence you can be sure that your equipment will be functional immediately after purchase.

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Universal IPL is a leading supplier of high-quality aesthetic equipment in Australia. The devices distinguish themselves by combining traditional techniques with advanced systems.


Whether you are a start-up salon or large multi-location spa, we devise financing and flexible payment options as per your needs.

Top-end Laser & IPL Machines


You will be able to deliver better treatment to your clients with confidence, thanks to our world-class training programs delivered by well-qualified educators.


When investing in one of our beauty equipment you get the best possible services. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your investment results in your business growth.

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I cannot say how impressed I am with the services of Universal IPL. Thank you so much for the immense support you have been providing me. I want to thank you for your excellent customer and marketing support and fast response.


From training, brochures, products to business support, Universal IPL doesn't miss a trick. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking at buying equipment in the beauty industry without hesitation. Thanks a lot for the support.


I was looking to buy microdermabrasion when I came across Universal IPL. The product is very good and they provide excellent customer service and in-depth training according to the skill level of the staff. I would highly recommend Universal IPL to a


I highly recommend buying aesthetic devices from Universal IPL to all. They offer organised training for every equipment bought at no extra cost. I bought CaviLux fat reduction machine from them and received in-depth training. The good part was that